Alpha 7 Pheromone Review

Alpha 7 is another pheromone that joins the roster of pheromone colognes in the industry. It boasts of having 2 synthetic pheromones – androstenone and androsterone. Compared to its counterparts, Alpha 7 is 40%  stronger in its phermone concentration. Indeed it is stronger -imagine a 10 ml bottle where 7ml are composed of synthetic pheromones.

Alpha 7 Results

Alpha 7 is very strong both in its smell and desired effects. It has 6mg of androstenone and 1mg of androsterone. The scent and effect of Alpha 7 is said to last up to 6 hours. However, independent trials have shown that it only lasts up to 4 hours. Since it is very strong, small amounts of this is all you need according to the company.

The strong concentration of Alpha 7 inspires an aura of extreme machismo and dominance. It will arouse sexual desire in women while it will inspire respect from fellow men. In a pack of wild animals (or in our case a roomful of men and women) you’ll stand out as the alpha male. Women are drawn to you while men will bow to you and respect your authority.

Where To Buy Alpha 7

Alpha 7 is available in a 10ml drip bottle. You can purchase it at Love-Scent or at Amazon. The drip bottle is actually a good idea since it makes it easier for the user to use it in small amounts. Alpha 7 comes in two variants – the scented and unscented versions. The scented version has an exotic vibe to it while the unscented is very natural. By natural, the unscented version is strong and musky. The smell is just more animalistic owing to the strong concentration of pheromones.


One 10ml bottle orginally costs $79.99 but on sale, it costs $59.99. This is pretty expensive for a 10ml bottle, however, the price is cheaper compared to the other popular pheromone colognes.
Summary of Features

Giving a review of Alpha 7 has a degree of difficulty since the product does not have an official homepage. It is instead featured and distributed by Love-Scent where you get very little information. With the little information Alpha 7 presented, here are its main highs and lows.


  • Drip bottle is convenient
  • 2 synthetic pheromones
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Increased self-confidence


  • Strong smell can be off putting
  • Strong concentration can lead to aggressive behavior
  • Increased risk for pheromone overdose


The strong concentration of Alpha 7 is both its strength and weakness. You do feel more confident, very macho, and very dominant. But its downfall comes in its tendency to overpower. A stronger concentration of pheromones does not necessarily mean more women attracted to you. While there are those who will be attracted to your dominant, protective appeal, there are also those who will be intimidated.

My Recommendation

Currently rated as one of the top pheromone products on the market, Nexus pheromones have an enticing formula that has seven different pheromone compounds instead of just 1 like other products. Nexus provides quality, lab-certified pheromones optimized with the leading fragrances in the world to create a powerful pheromone product that gets results. This proprietary formula has been rigorously tested on women and men, and the satisfaction rate among users speaks for itself.

I’m usually a shy kind of guy, so I’m not very aggressive when it comes to women. I absolutely love wearing Nexus because I often have women that approach me while wearing it, which is definitely not what I’m used to. I believe this is due to the Nexus formula having a strong potency of human sex pheromones. When using this product, I definitely notice more eye contact in social situations, more aggressiveness from women, and even suggestive body language at times. Can’t recommend it enough.

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