Attract-Rx Review

Attract-Rx, as the name reflects, can make you be more attractive on other’s eyes! It is a revolutionary product that is very unique because unlike any other products in the market, it does not claim to contain pheromone. Hence, Attract-Rx is an all-natural herbal supplement that enhances the NATURAL HUMAN PHEROMONE production and secretion in our body. This maximizes the property of the body to excrete natural pheromones to attract more people.

My Results With Attract-Rx

I must admit when I first tried Attract-Rx Pheromone Releaser, I was a bit leery. All of the other pheromone products I had tried up to this time have come in the form of liquid cologne. Attract-Rx comes in pill form and is an all natural herbal supplement. I started taking three pills per day as recommended, after the second full day of pills I went out in search of female companionship.

To my disappointment I did not have much success that night even though I went to my favorite nightclubs. I felt like I had wasted my money on this product. I continued to take the pills and the following weekend I went searching again. I had a completely different experience on this night.

Several attractive women approached me that night which really boosted my confidence level. I felt like I could take my pick of the women, which isn’t normally how I feel. I’m glad I gave Attract-Rx a chance; I think it takes a few days for the formula to really start working. I’m happy with my results and I recommend Attract-Rx.

How Do Pheromones Work?

Pheromone is naturally produced inside the body; it has the ability to cause attraction to other people with the help of the Vomeronasal Organ in our noses. Pheromones are also excreted as we sweat; the Vomeronasal Organ detects pheromones as it diffuses in the air with our sweat.

This detection will send a message to our brain, to the hypothalamus to be specific. This will trigger to create emotions like arousal, interest, desire, or sexual drive because the hypothalamus is responsible of creating emotions.

Simply put, pheromones cause a chemical reaction which makes one sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Because these scents are undetectable, when a woman subconsciously detects your pheromone, she is instantly attracted to you without even realizing why.

How Does Attract-Rx Work?
With Attract-Rx’s formulation of natural herbal blend specifically formulated to stimulate and improve the release of natural pheromones, you are sure that it is really safe and very effective for you to use. Attract-Rx is manufactured in a FDA certified laboratory, so the safety and effectiveness of the product is assured. It is recommended to be taken thrice a day for you to maximize your body’s ability to produce and emit pheromones. Aside from that, there’s nothing else you have to do. It’s that simple!

The general benefit from Attract-Rx is that you will improve your social life, and you will become more popular and catch everyone’s attention. But the most important of all, it will give you more self-confidence. You can order Attract-Rx online, and big discounts are offered as you purchase more bottles.

Here is a quick recap about Attract-Rx:

  • It works for anyone: men or women, or to those in between. Because it is a product that enhances your own pheromones, it is your own unique scent.
  • Since Attract-Rx works to improve the pheromone production of your body, it is more effective than any other pheromone-containing colognes or sprays because they are easily washed off
  • Attract-Rx is 100% safe due to its formulation of all-natural herbs. Additionally, Attract-Rx is formulated by health care professionals.
  • It is really affordable as compared to pheromone-containing colognes that can be easily washed off
  • It can be purchased over the counter, or even online. Without any prescription
  • Quality and safety is assured because Attract-Rx is manufactured in a FDA certified laboratory
  • Although the effectiveness of Attract-Rx is proven, money back guarantee program is still applied upon the purchase of Attract-Rx.

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