Beaches Pheromone Review

Who wouldn’t want the ability to meet and attract the opposite sex? Mostly everyone in the dating game does and this is why they look for whatever edge they can to beat the competition. Beaches by Michael Vie, a love potion, promise to give the wearer a secret power to attract the opposite sex.

With Beaches Pheromone, you are promised the ability to subliminally attract women through the hidden scent these pheromones present. That sounds like a bold proclamation. Can it really be done effectively?

Brief Beaches Pheromone Review

According to the product web site, Beaches by Michael Vie was discovered on a South Seas Island and had been used by Shaman witch doctors for hundreds of years. Beaches Body Oil claims that it is their most powerful unisex love potion and that it encourages thoughts of love, romance and sex.

Beaches fragrance is made with 17 exotic oils that smell like a tropical beach. Through modern science the company added Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone, (Human Pheromones) to their formula in an effort to improve their love potion.

Beaches Pheromone comes in a spray form or roller dispenser and if you apply it to your skin prior to heading out on a night on the town, you might boost your success potential. “Might” is the key word here because there are no guarantees this product will actually work.

How To Use It

Basically, the way the product is supposed to work is that you apply it on a pulse point on the body that generates heat. This will allow Beaches Pheromone to permeate in the air. You do need to be within a semi-close proximity to the person you want to attract in order for it to work. The timeframe it will work within will vary. You should get approximately two to six hours of effect.

Does it work?

It may or may not and that might not exactly be the most thrilling description. However, it is an accurate one. As such, you may wish to be a little deliberate in your purchase of the product. Consider the somewhat high cost associated with this magic potion, consumers would probably be more interested in a product that can deliver on promises and expectations with a bit more of a guarantee.


The actual ingredients in the product are somewhat shrouded in mystery. There are pheromones present in it but the actual formula is not revealed in total. In fact they don’t list how much pheromones are in their product; they state that information is proprietary information.

Perhaps the manufacturer is trying to protect its trade secrets. Regardless of the reason, most consumers probably will not be too thrilled without being able to determine the ingredients or the pheromone concentration prior to purchasing the product. You do want to know what you are getting…

Side Effects

Some may be concerned about potential side effects associated with the product. Unfortunately, without knowing the ingredients it is difficult to say what will or will not happen when you apply it to your skin. Generally, issues of skin irritation or allergic reactions are always possible. Of course, it is also possible that no problems will occur. Use the product with caution to avoid any unexpected or unwanted surprises. This would be the best common sense approach to apply.


Can pheromones improve your chances of attracting opposite sex? Considering the fact that pheromones work in concert with your body’s natural harmony, the answer is yes. The key is to find the proper product that will deliver on your expectations.

Beaches Pheromone really does not deliver much which is why those seeking a seriously impactful product may wish to pass on it, unless you have a lot of faith in witch doctors. If you do believe in witch doctors you can find Beaches Pheromones for sale at

My Recommendation

Currently rated as one of the top pheromone products on the market, Pherazone’s enticing formula has 3X the amount of pheromones as other competing products. Pherazone provides quality, lab-certified pheromones optimized with the leading fragrances in the world to create a powerful pheromone product that gets results. This proprietary formula has been rigorously tested on women and men, and the satisfaction rate among users speaks for itself.

I’m usually a shy kind of guy, so I’m not very aggressive when it comes to women. I absolutely love wearing Pherazone because I often have women that approach me while wearing it, which is definitely not what I’m used to. I believe this is due to the Pherazone formula having 3X more human pheromones than other products on the market. When using this product, I definitely notice more eye contact in social situations, more aggressiveness from women, and even suggestive body language at times. Can’t recommend it enough.

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