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Frequent WordPress Problems How To Deal With Them

More than 30% of websites use WordPress. You see, WordPress can be characterized using two words: versatility and simplicity that is why nearly all businesspersons who want to invest in sites would most likely consider using this great tool. However, WordPress has its own unique issues, some of which will affect the efficiency of your site. If you happen to stumble upon such issues on your website, you shouldnt be anxious of anything; there are extremely converting ways to sort them with ease.

Read through and appreciate some of the common WordPress problems and more importantly, learn how to fix them on your own you do not have to be a wizard.

To start with; you are looking to accessing and uploading some crucial information on your WordPress website and you are greeted by a white clean screen. You are looking at this screen that shows nothing more than its color, and you are both confused and overwhelmed. It is referred to as the white screen of death (WSOD). It is recommended for you to find out what causes this hurting WSOD that is the surest way to restore your website. If you experience this, the first that you need to do is to disable all the plugins you have used; if there is one that is flawed, you can expect total mess. Your next move is to turn them on one by one you want to identify the plugin that caused the damage.

In addition to that, you may experience damages related to your theme, such as distortions; all that you need to do is to revert to the themes that were preinstalled by the WordPress designer. You can also add more memory limited memory can cause a technical hitch.

Another frequent website issue is when your screen says Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server Error; if you find this, then you know your website failed and your server doesnt detect what the problem is. Now, this is very frustrating. To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that you reinstall all your original WordPress core files there are great chances that the ones running have been tampered with. Make sure you are doing this on the latest WordPress download. Fortunately; you have the option of talking to your web hosting service provider to fix this for you; you should try anything when you have no clue about where to start your troubleshooting. You may also choose to disable your plugins and see if there will be web refreshing.

You may also experience issues with your pictures; they might not come as expected. Or your pictures are broken. And that is not all; you may be having problems accessing your library. What you need to do is to download FTP client called FileZilla and run it as instructed.

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