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Basic Info in Digital Marketing

There are so many digital marketing terms in use out there. These are so common, you cannot imagine having to ask what they mean. Here are some that shall prove useful in your marketing efforts.
SEO (search engine optimization) is a common one in digital marketing. It deals with the efforts to make sure your site ranks at the top of search results. The other terms have something to do with SEO.
Keywords cover those words people type when searching online. You shall achieve more success when the commonly used and relevant keywords happen to be in your content.
Niche talks about where your business interests stem. It deals with the relevance explained earlier about keywords. You will learn a lot about niche when you examine what your competition is doing.
Backlinking deals with the process of joining links to your site from other sites. The better those sites are, the more success you will achieve through backlinks.
Search Engine Algorithms is the collection of formulas search engines use to say what sites are most relevant and thus should appear in the search results. They are normally some complicated formulas which the SEO work shall manage to get to include your site at the top of the results pages.
PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of advertising that applies in different scenarios, such as social media. There are the benefits of this form of advertising where you will only pay for it when you see some results. You will never have to worry about losses where this form of advertising is concerned.
Conversions then refers to the final stage in a marketing camping, where the client listen to all you have to say, then proceeds to answer your call to action by buying what you are selling. This is a sign of success for any marketing campaign. You will learn more about how to get more conversions on this site.
There shall also be mention of short tail keywords, which have only one or two words, as well as long tail keywords, which are more like phrases. You shall achieve more success when you go for long tail phrases. They are much better at painting a unique picture of your site, thus getting it recognized much faster.
CTR (click-through rate) refers to the speed and number of clicks to an ad or post. You shall thus get to know how popular the site actually is.
SERPS (search engine results pages) refers to the pages that get displayed when you use certain keywords. You should always aim to be at the top of the first page.
It is by knowing more about these terms that you shall engage the experts much better. You will also see more here on how to perform effective digital marketing.

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