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How to Cure OSA

When they find that you have a case of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) the best way to fix it will be the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. The machine was made to aid in achieving better sleep at night, where you get to breathe regularly and snore less.

When you have OSA, your airways narrow or collapse as you sleep, which reduces oxygen levels, thus triggering the brain to wake you up momentarily so that the airways are reopened. This shall result in a night filled with short naps, leaving your body not well rested and with a higher stress response. This is not good as you can easily get high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. The CPAP machine shall blow air into the throat via a mask, which increases the pressure in the throat and keeping the airway from narrowing. This leaves you sleeping better. You shall see several improvements, like reduced daytime fatigue, improved focus, lower blood pressure, and reduced chances or heart disease.

There is a need to be keen on various points when it comes to buying the machine. The seal that shall rest on your airways needs to be tight, to keep the air pressure continuous. You need to also sample the various types of CPAP masks, from the full face to the nasal, to see which one is most comfortable for you. You also need one with a humidifier, to prevent the drying of your mouth and nose.

You need to also practice proper maintenance of the machine, to keep it useful for longer. You need to invest in distilled water, so that there is no buildup of natural mineral tap water has. You need to also pay attention to what the manufacturer has to say about cleaning the machine. There is a need for you to check and see that all parts are working properly, so that the whole structure keeps working as planned. You shall learn more about the process on this site.

Make sure you get a unit that has nasal pillows. The fact that you need it every night means it has to be as comfortable as possible. Those too need to be cleaned well. You need to have a regular cleaning schedule, to see to it that it gets cleaned well. Air drying is the best option after they have been washed.

You need a sleep specialist to tell you whether you need to buy the CPAP machine. They will the advice you how to apply the machine for you to see the best results. They shall also be there checking on you regularly, to see how well you are doing. The machines collect your sleep data, which the specialist shall rely on to make appropriate recommendations. They will adjust your usage accordingly.
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