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Tips on how to Avoid Car Accidents

Very many people have been injured and others have died because of motor vehicle accidents. Research has shown that up to ninety percent of these accidents are caused by human error. There is more about this interesting topic herein. This is a clear indicator that many road accidents can be evaded by adopting good driving practices and courtesy. This article will provide tips on how to avoid road accidents.

Notably, drivers distraction is pointed out as the greatest cause of human error accidents. Drivers are distracted by the passengers on board, handheld devices, removing their eyes on the road or when they reach out for an item in the vehicle. Some drivers don’t see a big deal in doing several things at the same time. Some of them take their eyes off the road to respond to text messages or calls.

What drivers forget is that a vehicle can cover significant distances within a very short time. If a vehicle is moving at one hundred miles per hour, it can cover a distance of three miles within two seconds. This means that the moment a driver moves their eyes from the road they will close the gap that was between them and other motorists hence end up causing an accident. To avoid this careless accidents and incidents, a driver should be concerned more about jeopardizing the safety of passengers and other road users. If a driver must attend to any form of distraction, it is best that they move off the road and stop the vehicle.

If a chauffeur feels they are impaired they should not carry on with driving a motor vehicle. Impairment can be caused by drugs, medication or alcohol. Another cause of impairment is exhaustion. Impairment reduces the level of alertness of a driver. Such a driver cannot steer the vehicle or control of the accelerator and brake pedals. Such driver will in no time cause an accident. The occurrence of accidents speak more about the carelessness of drivers and vehicle owners.

Routine checkup and maintenance is important for flawless vehicle performance. A vehicle’s oil should be changed at the stipulated time or at the advice of a qualified mechanic. The owner or driver of the vehicle should report strange noises or awkward occurrences in the vehicle. The reputable mechanics are concerned more about the safety of their customers. A mechanic is in a better position to pinpoint the malfunction in the vehicle. This is a sure way of eliminating accidents. The contrary is true for a malfunctioning break can cause a serious accident.

A considerate drive always drives with both hand on the steering wheel. A driver has got better control when disaster strikes if he or she has got both hands on the steering. It is common for the breaks of the neglected vehicle to fail. Nonetheless, even with failed breaks a driver can control the vehicle with the steering control. To learn more about driving best practices visit the web.