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Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Her Speechless

If you have been keen enough in the recent past, you might have noticed that surprise marriage proposals are fast fading away. It is true the marriage proposal field has taken a significant paradigm shift from what many were used to, but for a good reason. If not for anything else, it means there is careful thought given to the proposal before it is rolled out. This explains the cute marriage proposals that have rocked our spaces in the recent past; some too cute they even look scripted for the movies. You too can make yours perfect with the following proposal ideas that are sure to blow her mind away.

You can plan for a professional photo shoot and take advantage of the romantic setup to pop the magic words. It needs no mentioning these special moments that come once in a lifetime will be captured on camera to remind you two lovebirds of the proposal. You can ensure your partner does not suspect anything by keeping the clues to the last minute so that the surprise element and her surprised face is captured on camera.

Just wait for the cameras to start rolling so you can get your ring out, go down on one knee and say the magic words that will define the rest of your beautiful life together. Dont know what ring to use for the proposal; how about you read more here about rings and other beautiful jewelry she will find irresistible.

How about you use your cute and irresistible pet to your advantage by having it help you pop the magic words? This you do by setting up the most romantic date ever at your home and ensure your partner is free to come over. Once she is settled, and the romantic mood is in full gear, you can have your cute and irresistible puppy come in with a tag on its neck with clear inscriptions of your proposal message.

An adventurous scavenger hunt trip will also present the perfect opportunity to propose in style. Keep the proposal part a secret, so you dont get to let the cat out of the bag too soon to spoil the surprise element of it. Probably there is an upcoming vacation planned for you and your SO? How about you get more creative and drop the magic words during the vacation? Many people are taking the destination proposal route today since they are special and more memorable. Just get what works for you and customize it to fit your specific situation and you are sure to have a bomb proposal that she will find irresistible.

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