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Everything You Ought to Know About Competitive Vaping and Cloud Chasing

In recent years, vaping has taken off big time. Generally, cloud chasing is a big part of the appeal, despite vaping been shown to be a safe nicotine alternative to smoking. Ideally, bellowing out obscenely large plumes of smoke has become very common in a way it is now a competitive sport. Below is a discussion regarding the essential information about these options of cloud chasing and competitive vaping.

Cloud chasing generally refers to a form of vaping that revolves around creating the greatest possible vapor cloud. The feeling that comes with bellowing out a massive cloud is what many cloud chasers enjoy. When vapers are trying to outdo each other and impress the general public, is also a competitive element. Generally, cloud chasers make use of e-juice that have a vegetable glycerin of high percentage. A cloud chaser that is serious normally use 100% vegetable glycerin and 0% propylene glycol solution, since thicker VG permits for bigger clouds.

You may also need to find information regarding the real meaning of vaping competition. It can be defined as a battle between cloud chasers with a view to deciding who has the ability to puff the most massive plumes among them. The other names that can be used to describe competitive vaping include extreme vaping, stunt vaping as well as sub-ohm vaping. The next thing about vaping you may require to know is where you can watch vape cloud competition. More and more tournaments are cropping up in the United States and many other parts of the world even as the cloud chasing aspect of vaping continues to grow by the day.

The other crucial thing about vaping you may need to know is the beginning of competitive vaping. A shop in the West Coast of America is meant to be where competitive vaping originated from. Local enthusiasts would come together so as to compare their latest mechanical mod customization as well as e-juice groupings. So many fans and countless awards usually come together as a result of the current vaping competition. The fans together with the participants have one hope of the vaping culture gaining the gain the attention it deserves. Knowing the rules of a vape competition is also another thing you may need to know. The rules usually depend on the game in question. However, there are two main events where the cloud gazers can see.

The safety of cloud chasing should also appear in your list of the thing you need to know in regards to vaping. It is essential how far you drive it even though it may not be as significant. The safety of vaping is not guaranteed entirely even though it is said to be more reliable than cigarettes by 95%. And as for the vapers who inhale as much vape as possible and exhale at the same time are at much risk.