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Useful Tips on the Instagram Pranks That You Should Pull off on April Fools Day

You will realize that most people love pranks and it is easy to get to prank someone especially on social media. You will find that Instagram pranks are some of the most creative ways in which you can use to play a joke your friends this April Fools Day. Instagram pranks are simple to create, and they will get a big reaction. In this article, you will learn more about some of the best Instagram pranks that you can pull off for your followers on Instagram during the April Fools Day.

One of the top Instagram pranks that you could use is pretending to go on a trip. You can use photos of your local airport or another destination to make your friends jealous. You can also consider pulling up a selfie from a vacation which you went to long time ago. The other top prank when Instagram is posting cryptic messages that went to a big announcement though they will build up to nothing. When you use this frustrating trend, you will manage to prank your Instagram followers do you should reveal to them that it is a hoax after that.

Another top Instagram prank is faking an engagement it is important not to go to over the top so that it does not look as if youre faking. You can pull a prank on Instagram followers obsessed with TV shows by posting a spoiler alert. If you want to prank Instagram followers, then you can also fake an injury and it is important to fake a light injury.

You can also prank Instagram followers by posting a photo which depicts you meeting a celebrity in a local shopping center or restaurant. Another creative way of pranking your Instagram followers is by taping a photo of a toasty kitty. You can also prank your Instagram followers by logging in to a friends account and posting crazy photos and creating fake announcement. In addition, you can prank Instagram followers by showing off your diploma so that to make them believe that you graduated early. If you want to shock your friends, buy high school diploma and post it on Instagram. Another creative way of pulling a prank on your Instagram followers is by putting a friend on blast. To blast your friend, you need to like and comment on every picture which they have posted. By using the above pranks, youre going to have one of the best April Fools Day. To learn more about the other top Instagram pranks, click here.

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