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How to Solve the Cannabis Medical Shortage in Maryland

Income from cannabis has facilitated the economic growth of Maryland. The forecasted revenue figures are showing to double Majority of population in cannabis have realized the health benefits of cannabis and thus a large number of registered cannabis medical patients. A large number of patients have made the state to have several cannabis dispensaries to help serve the high demand. The step of Maryland in legalising the sale of cannabis has enabled people to operate cannabis dispensaries freely as they are able to get license. The authorities are giving more licenses to individuals who require operating the dispensaries to be able to meet the increasing demand. For more info on the Maryland medical cannabis shortage, read more here.

The cannabis medical shortage in Maryland has been caused by the unorganized supply chain within the market. People in need of the cannabis drugs in Maryland cannot have enough as the dispensaries do not have certain supply. The ability of the cannabis dispensaries to identify reliable suppliers will help to ensure that they have they have the required variety for their customers. An organized cannabis drugs supply chain can act as a solution for dispensaries to meet the huge demand of the cannabis drugs.

The cannabis market was unaware of the increasing rate of demand for the cannabis drugs and didn’t prepare. The medical cannabis market in Maryland has not been able to meet the demand levels as the production rates have been following the predicted demand rates in which the actual demand has doubled. The market need to have the right projections to be able to make the sufficient quantities of the cannabis drugs in Maryland.

The ability of the cannabis growers to ensure continuous growth of the cannabis in large quantities will ensure that the manufacturers have enough for the manufacture of the needed quantities of drugs. Incentives can act to increase the number of cannabis growers enabling the Maryland state to have enough of the cannabis. The ability of the state to offer good price for the cannabis can enable the country to have enough as people will join the sector The dispensaries will be able to get the required quantities of the cannabis drugs if the manufacturer makes continuous production to ensure enough stocks.

Licensing requirements might scare away interested individuals and thus the need for the state to ensure minimum requirements. The ability of the Maryland state to ensure minimal requirements for people interested in starting the dispensaries will help to increase the number of qualified persons leading to high number of dispensaries. The Maryland state should take measure to ensure proper structure of the cannabis medical market to be able to produce enough drugs for their patients.