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Reasons Why You Should Consider a Patent Cooperation Treaty

The patent cooperation which is shortened as PTC is an international treaty which gives room for an innovation to be patented in different countries by just one patent application. PTC encourages innovation in the different member states which are roughly over 150 states by patenting what has been innovated by a single patent application. The powers to grant the patent right is made by regional offices or national offices where the innovation has taken place provided the state is a party to the PTC. As an originator of a product or services, PCT will bring a good number of benefits to you. Below are some of the benefits of the patent cooperation treaty.

You will suffer waiting for over 18 months when looking for a patent right which is recognized internationally should your state not be a party to the PCT. Making your application of a patent right through the PCT will make the process easier for you when it comes to getting translation services of your patent as well as having to pay the national fees of reserving the patent. Patent applications which have followed the PCT policies are less likely to fail.

PCT has a streamlined application process for the patent right. Traditionally, when applying for patent right from your domicile country, it can turn out to be expensive and it also needs a lot of time. When looking for an international patent right outside the PCT framework, you will be forced to make applications to individual countries which is what consumes time and more resources than when doing under the PCT framework.

Enjoy having a patent protection country in more than one country. A normal patent right application only allows your invention not to be copied within the boundaries of your state ort country, but for an international patent right application, it will give you protection for your inventions in many countries provided they are party to the PCT. When you are looking to do business in different countries, an international patent right that comes through PCT is the best option.

You stand a chance of having your business product known worldwide by using applying for the patent right via the PCT policies. While the normal patent rights application only restricts the patent to be known in your state, international patent rights applications take your business product into the global market. With an international patent right, you can enjoy having wide rich to patenting information about your product and similar products or services in the global market, this will give you good reasons of changing your invention or making it better. The above points are some of the reasons why a patent cooperation treaty is the best idea for your invention.

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