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Learn more about the Symptoms and Remedies of Seasonal Asthma

There are various types of asthma which are also triggered by varying reasons. Medics are not quite sure of what causes asthma attacks. Nonetheless, from years of research, medics have realized that the triggers can be genetic or environmental. Seasonal asthma is one type of asthma that manifests in some patients. Hence in a particular season, such persons will experience asthma attacks. Hence they should equip themselves by learning more about the asthma symptoms.

Seasonal asthma is common during fall and spring. It is assumed that the plant pollination is a main cause of the asthmatic attacks. The pollen rich air does not settle well with the asthma sensitive individuals. Similarly, the symptoms can be experienced due to change of atmospheric temperatures from warm to cold. Dust and smoke are also common asthma triggers. People should learn more about these triggers. This article will discuss the causes and remedy of asthma.

An asthma attack occurs when the airways and lungs are affected. The airways facilitate the movement of air in and out of the lungs. This is the normal breathing system that helps to provide oxygen to the body. When a person draws in air together with the allergen such as pollens, dust or smoke, they cause the airways to react negatively. The airway reacts by swelling up on the inside to prevent the intake of the allergen polluted air. The airways response to foreign particles in the air causes the airway and the lungs to be infected. Due to the soreness of the airways, the affected person experiences chest pains, coughs, wheezing and shortness of breath. The constrained airways restrict the supply of oxygen into the lungs. If such a person begins to change color and look bluish, it means their level of oxygen is very low. It is imperative for caregivers to learn more about the dangers that asthmatic people face.

The treatment of asthma involves medical intervention as well as home remedies. If an individual suffers from mild asthma, the patient can be given an inhaler to self medicate. The inhalers are of two types and that is the preventive and treatment doses. Acute asthma should be treated from hospital where doctors can monitor the patient. In acute asthmatic conditions patient will be treated using a nebulizer. These patients may also receive oxygen therapy. Patients should take time to learn more about the available treatment options from their doctors.

A persons diet can improve their asthmatic condition. An asthmatic patient should concentrate on a fruit, vegetable and amino acid rich diet. This diet has got rich nutrients and enzymes that help to cure inflammatory conditions. Asthma prone individuals should learn more about preventive measures.