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What You Ought to Do If You Want to Win the Pocket Monster Video Game
Pocket monster is an electronic video game that is developed by people which intends to create small monsters to engage in fight and destroy the big monsters as provided by this guide from Rankcoon. It is commonly known as pokemon which is a short form for pocket monsters. There two types of players within the game and while others are the trainers, some of them are being trained. Anybody can play pokeman regardless of age as there is no age restrictions. For those worrying about starting to play the game, you should not worry anymore as there is a guide from which you can refer for directives which is known as this guide from Rankcoon.
Brock is the first character you meet when you start playing the game. If you have not yet mastered the art of the game, Brock can be very difficult to fight and win as you do not have all the kind of tips that you require especially when it comes to beginners. You will require special skills to be able to conquer Brock as he has a lot of experience that is obtained from training of rocks. You ought to have a plan be to conquer him if you do not have grass or water and it is important to get more directives from this guide from Rankcoon.
Misty is also another opponent that you will meet after Brock. Since you fought Brock you already have enough water types and grass to fight her and he monsters hence it is easier for you. Also, it is after Misty that you meet Lt. Surge Due to the fact that he uses electric surges to fight, you will require no water or grass. You will need the rocks or fire so you are able to destroy him. If until this point you still feel like you need help, read this guide from Rankcoon for directions. In case you have any kind of problems ensure to read this guide from Rankcoon for more information.
When you come across Erica, all you need id fire to destroy her. This is due to the fact that she is a grass type which means that she will easily get destroyed by fire. Koga is the next opponent after Erika. You got to be extra careful if you have to fight and conquer Sabrina. All you need to use here is either ghost or dark to help you get rid of her. Read more on pokemon tips from this guide from Rankcoon. The experiences of gaming are very fascinating.